Miami-Dade Complete Streets Design Guidelines

Miami-Dade County has developed the Complete Streets Design Guidelines to provide policy and design guidance to all parties involved in street design projects: governmental agencies, consultants, private developers, and community groups. It is the goal of these guidelines to support the development of streets that are safe for all users, with consistency in policy and design across all street projects in Miami-Dade County. Users of this document will be able to identify context-sensitive street elements and design features that can be applied consistent with federal and state best practices. Engineers, planners, and policy makers will find guidance and criteria to help prepare design plans based on principles of safer, more comfortable, and accessible streets so that walking and bicycling are viable transportation choices. The document also addresses some common concerns and perceived barriers regarding designing pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Miami-Dade’s Complete Streets initiative aims to devote the County’s most extensive resource, its publicly owned streets and sidewalks, toward affordable, equitable, and healthy mobility options for all users. This approach adopts and champions innovative designs which treat all people equally whether they are walking, bicycling, taking transit, or using an automobile. People are at the heart of the Complete Streets approach; this initiative embraces design as a tool to advance the health and safety of the community while promoting sustainable transportation options and vibrant public spaces.

Click below to view a copy of the current draft guidelines and to provide you thoughts, input, and feedback on the guidelines and focus points for Miami-Dade County.

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