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Miami-Dade MPO – Bus Only Lanes in Downtown Miami Study

Miami-Dade MPO – Bus Only Lanes in Downtown Miami Study…

This study assessed the existing transportation conditions in the Downtown Miami area bounded by Biscayne Boulevard on the east, NW 7th Avenue on the west, NW/NE 20th Street on the north, and the Miami River on the south. The data identified the need for Transit Priority Measures (TPM) to be implemented, such as exclusive or semi-exclusive bus lanes, stop consolidations, and intersection treatments such as transit signal priority (TSP), queue jumps/bus bypass lanes, and curb extensions. It is also recommended that potential bus priority treatments at certain intersections be instituted along with potential enforcement mechanisms. An estimate of what the construction costs would be to retrofit streets to accommodate bus lanes, and policy changes related to on-street parking and signal system development to allow for application of bus priority treatments in the Downtown Miami area were also identified.

Read more details about the recommendations in the Final Report, Executive Summary, and Presentation.


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